Sacpro is Brawoliner’s first BSC partner

Sacpro is the first company in the world to sign an agreement with Brawoliner to be called an official BSC partner. BSC stands for the Brawo System Center. This means that Sacpro meets the requirements that Brawoliner has set up for their international partners to became an BSC partner.

To become an BSC partner to Brawoliner, the company will meet certain requirements, such as technical support, training and sales. Sacpro is the first of all international partners around the world who have been appointed BSC partner.

“That Sacpro is the first Brawo System Center is a great honor while it also shows that Brawoliner likes our way of working where we not only offer fast deliveries but can also follow up with good training and technical support. This is a result of our fine cooperation over the years” says Fredrik Sterner, CEO of Sacpro AB.

Sacpro’s agreement as an BSC partner applies in Sweden, Finland and Norway and includes all Brawoliners products. Read more at

Written 15 oktober 2018