Training pipe rehabilitation

Sacpro provides a 3-day training for the installation of Sacpipe Connection System. The objective of the education is that Sacpro, together with your employer, will create a solid foundation for installations with Sacpipe Connection System. We use the installation manual for theory combined with practical exercises and installations.

In Sacpro in Falun in facilities suited for both the theory and practical exercises.

Registration by e-mail to or by filling out the form on this page.

Training fee is 8000 SEK per person. The price includes lunch, coffee, material, literature, gloves, goggles and respiratory protection. The training is paid on invoice.

Some of the topics included in the training:

  • Sacpipe Connection System -Introduction
  • Sactools -työkalujen esittely
  • Houseliner -materiaalien esittely
  • Brawoliner -materiaalien esittely
  • Asennusmetodit
  • Omavalvonta, laadunvalvonta ja dokumentointi
  • Epoksin turvallinen käsittely

Kommentteja koulutuksista

Ulf Englund Trast AB

It feels really good as an employer and also for our customers that all our staff have completed Sacpro’s training.

Sacpro koulutus

Sacpro koulutus - Sukan asentaminen 13:40
Sacpro koulutus - Haarayhteiden asentaminen 12:42
Sacpro koulutus - Haaroitusliittimen asentaminen 02:47
Sacpro koulutus - Sacparts Sukitusliitin 02:36
Sacpro koulutus - Liimapään asentaminen 11:35
Sacpro koulutus - Sactools Flextool BL 04:54
Sacpro koulutus - Ammuntapää suljettavalla letkulla 02:56
Sacpro koulutus - Keskikokoinen höyrykattila 03:36