Meet Sacpro and Clog Squad Academy at WWETT in Indianapolis

Today, the WWETT show in Indianapolis opens, focusing on water & wastewater equipment. For the first time, Sacpro and our products are represented by our new partner Clog Squad Academy. Clog Squad Academy is a supplier of materials and equipment for relining and has started a training program in the US. They are our first reseller overthere. Ken Beyer, CEO of Clog Squad Academy,

Written 21 februari 2019

Offer December 21

We will end Sacpro’s Advent Calender by running all offers yet another day: Dec 3: Sactools Extruder 500 Package 5100 EUR Dec 4: Sactools Manuel Impregnation Unit 2912 EUR Dec 5: Sactools Steambox Small 2412 EUR Dec 6: Sactools Pressure/Vacuum Box 744 EUR Dec 7: Sactools Automatic Impregnation Unit 8154 EUR Dec 10: 3-days pipe rehabilitation training 624 EUR Dec 11: Sactools Pressure

Written 21 december 2018

Offer December 20 – Relining Connection

Sacpro’s Advent Calender offer 20th of december  – Package Price on Relining Connection Relining Connection is designed to secure the connection between standard waste water pipes and the relined pipes. This ensure that no moisture can penetrate between the new relined pipe and the old pipe. Package price: 10 pieces of Relining Connection Ø75 incl. Jet Clamp 240 EUR 10 pieces of

Written 20 december 2018

Offer December 19 – Centralizers

Sacpro’s Advent Calender offer 19th of December: 2 pieces of Sactools Centralizers This is the perfect tool for keeping the branch pipe tool and the packer in the centre of the pipe when installing branch pipes in dimensions from 150-225 mm. The Centralizer is a supporting guide when the packer is sliding through the relined pipe and keeps the Branch Pipes from scratching the surface of the

Written 19 december 2018

Offer December 18 – Complete branch pipe tool for installation from the branch line

Sacpro’s Advent Calender offer 18th of December: Sactools Flextool BL - Complete branch pipe tool Sactools Flextool BL is suited for installations from the branch line. The packer holder tool is very flexible and goes through 90° bends. It can easily move back and forth through the bend. Deal of the day: Sactools Flextool BL 100-125 Packer Cover DL 100/100-45 Today’s price:

Written 18 december 2018