Sacpro is a distributor of several pipe rehabilitation products from diffrent manufacturers, but we are primarily a manufacturer of both materials and tools for pipe rahabilitation inside buildings.

Sacpipe Connection System

Sacpro develops and sells Sacpipe Connection System, our complete pipe rehabilitation system installed in buildings. Included in the system we have several components that we developed and are sold with our own brand Sacparts. These components are Sacparts branch pipes, new pipe connections and relining connections. Our branch pipes can be customized in any form with fast delivery.


Our self-developed tool and  verktyg och equipment for pipe rehabilitation inside buildings, have our brand Sactools. We produce, among other things, inversion drums, branch pipe tools, pressure alarms, rollers, steam unit and mobile workstations.

Resellers sells all our own-manufactured products, in countries where we do not currently have resellers we sell ourselves. Sacpro has the following resellers: