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Welcome to Sacpro - Material, equipment and training för pipe rehabilitation

Sacpro AB was established in 1988 and is the company behind Sactools and Sacpipe Connection System. We sell equipment and material optimized for pipe rehabilitation in buildings. With high quality, custom tools and continuous development, Sacpro AB is one of the leading companies of material and Equipment for pipe rehabilitation in Scandinavia. We also provide training courses for our customers.

Materials and equipment for pipe rehabilitation inside buildings.
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Here we give you an introduction of the Sacpipe Connection System and its constituents. We review the basics for the installation of flexible liner and installation of Sacpipe branch pipes.

The difficulty of the course is designed according to the customer’s own ability and wishes, with the reservation of time-consuming exercises. It’s a 3 day training.




  • Full 26-28 nov
  • Full 17-19 dec
  • Full 29-30 jan
  • Full 19-21 feb
  • Full 25-27 mar
  • Full 22-24 apr
  • Full 27-29 maj


News from Sacpro - Steam Glue

We present Steam Glue, a replacement for our very popular glue Novaflex. Steam Glue is the same type of glue as Novaflex, though can also be used for heat curing of liner! We continue to sell

New product – BRAWO Magnavity

Today we are pleased to present the new light curing system from BRAWO® Tech. BRAWO® Magnavity is a fast, reliable and above all smart light curing method.The new light curing system consists of

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Once again, for the 8th consecutive year, we choose not to send out any Christmas gifts. Instead, we make a contribution to the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund. Every day, a child suffers from