Houseliner UV Epoxy

We proudly present a new epoxy-based UV-curing resin from Houseliner!

There has long been a need in the market for an epoxy-based UV-curing resin that provides the same durable results as a traditional epoxy. We have now succeeded in finding a new product that meets the high demands we place for our customers. With our new Houseliner UV Epoxy, you will be able to work more efficiently with UV technology while you get a perfect end result. Simply the best of two worlds.

Technical properties

  • High ring stiffness.
  • Low consumption, same as for example Houseliner HotCure.
  • Delayed thermic reaction, the reaction kicks off by UV light and then continues to cure. That gives you less wear on your LED panels or bulbs.
  • Minimal shrinkage, equivalent to a standard fast-curing epoxy.
  • High viscosity, gives much less excess resin in connections.
  • 12 months shelf life in unopened packaging.
Written 29 mars 2021