Robot cutters

Sacpro sells robot cutters from Dancutter. There are reliable and flexible cutters that have in a short period of time become a great favorite for our customers. Dancutter is a reliable manufacturer and has developed and sold cutters for 30 years. Sacpro sells Dancutter based on the fact that their cutters fit optimally for our customers who work with pipe rehabilitation inside buildings.

Sacpro sells all of Dancutter’s different cutters on request but we have chosen to bring in two variants in our range – DC Super Flex and DC Minibike.

We are rebuilding our webshop

Right now we are rebuilding our webshop because our current is not working properly after we switch to a new ERC system. We’re sorry that you have to wait for the new improved webshop. In each product category we have more products and accessories not shown here, contact us for more information about the products or look in the product catalog below:
Product Catalog (PDF)