We have a wide range of liners from the brands Brawoliner and Houseliner specially selected to cover all the most common dimensions of drain pipes.



A flexible seamless lining. It is the only polyester lining on the market that is knitted round and has a polyurethane coating. This means that it can withstand large dimensional changes and bends 90 °. The pipes have a predetermined wall thickness in the entire pipe system.


The material in the hardened pipe becomes very powerful and has properties corresponding to a conventional industrially manufactured sewage pipe. The products are well proven with a focus on quality in every detail. For you as an installer, this means that you get a product that you can trust, you get the best possible results every time and you can thus provide a guarantee on your installation.


Brawoliner HT

HT is Brawoliner’s new series of liner for extra high demands. They are designed to withstand high temperatures or large temperature variations. Which can sometimes be a requirement when renovating sewage systems in properties, especially in industrial properties. Provides dimensional stability even in high heat, up to 93 ° C. The feed is sold in cartons with either 50 m or 100 m of feed.



Our flexible liners are the basis for a self-supporting piping system, that can handle both dimensional changes and 90° bends with an absolute minimum of wrinkles. Combined with our Houseliner Resin the new sewer pipes will get a predetermined wall thickness of your choice. The new pipes are high E-modulus and chemically resistant after curing.The characteristics are much like a new, conventionally made PP sewer pipe.

Houseliner FL and FLT combined with Houseliner Resin are both tested for life expectancy at Eurofins. The test showed that you can expect more then 50% of the initial strength after 50 years of service.


  • Seamless and flexible
  • Handle dimensional changes and 90° bends
  • High quality
  • Documented test results