Brawoliner is a seamless liner that is very flexible and can handle dimensional changes and 90° bends without wrinkles or folds.

The new pipes are very strong and resistant after curing. The characteristics are similar to a new conventional industrial manufactured sewer pipes.

Brawoliner HT

HT is Brawoliners series of liner for high demands. The Brawoliner HT is designed for high and variable temperatures, as can occur for example in industrial areas or in private houses. The liner has dimensional stability for heat up to 93°C.

The Brawoliner HT rehabilitation system meets all structural requirements and has the DIBt approval for the rehabilitation of drainage systems within Buildings.

Brawoliner is sold in boxes with either 50 m or 100 m liner.

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  • Seamless and flexible
  • Handle dimensional changes and 90° bends
  • High quality
  • Documented test results