Branch Pipes

In the Sacpipe Connection System, branch pipes are always installed and with an overlap. This will result in a seamless waste water pipe system that is leak free. Installing branch pipes will give a superior advantage and guarantee the quality for many years.

Sacparts provide a form-fitting solution for lateral and horizontal pipes connections. From a diameter of 70 mm up to 225 mm. When using our branch pipe tools and a form fitted branch pipe a quick, easy and reliable renovation will be achieved even on sewer pipes in poor condition.

In addition to our standard products we also manufacture and develop branch pipes and branch pipe tools to meet all our customer’s needs.

Sacparts Branch Pipes

  • Form-fitted branch pipes for renovation of existing branch pipe connection
  • Standard DN sizes are from 70 mm up to 225 mm in the main pipe.
  • Standard DN sizes are from 50 mm up to 225 mm in the branch pipe connection.
  • Standard length of the connection is 30 - 40 cm depending on branch pipe dimensions.
  • Flexible and secure connection.
  • For a leak-free and easy installation.