Branch pipe tools

Branch pipe tools for pipe rehabilitation

A branch pipe tool consists of a packer holder tool and a packer cover adepted to fit the branch pipe to be installed.

Sacpro has three different variants of the packer holders:

Standard – to use when it is not required that the tool has to go through bends to get to the correct position in the pipe.

Flextool – to use when you have to go through one or several bends to get to the installation point.

Flextool BL – to use for installation from the branch line.


Sacpro has packer covers in kind of variants, they are available in two different materials:

Standard – a durable material but needs to be lubricated.

Dual Layer – A multi-layer material that has a silicone surface, which means that it does not need to be lubricated.


To insert and adjust the tools in the correct position, use the appropriate pushrods, rigid or flexible.

Sactools Branch Pipe Tools

  • Rigid or flexible tools
  • Cord for better controlled installations
  • High quality
  • Double rods inside for easier position adjustments
  • For installations with or without steam