Sacpipe Connection System certified and P-labeled

The Sacpipe Connection System has completed RISE CR 072 certification and is approved for pipe rehabilitation of wastewater systems in properties.

The Sacpipe Connection System is a complete system for pipe rehabilitation of sewer systems through pipe relining. The system, which has now been approved by RISE, includes both epoxy, liner, branch pipes, transitions and new connections for the various dimensions that exist in on the market. The material has completed tests which have shown that it has at least 50 years durability and meets the requirements for use in interior pipe rehabilitation of sewer systems in normal residential environments within buildings.

“Our material has already been approved in Europe through the German certification DIBt and we knew that it is a good and reliable system for relining. It feels very good that the whole Sacpipe Connecton System is now also approved in Sweden by RISE and as what I know, it is the first relining system to meet the new tougher requirements,” says Fredrik Sterner, CEO of Sacpro AB.

RISE, formerly called SP, has in collaboration with BRiF, the Swedish association for relining in buildings, developed the new certification rule CR 072. The new certification replaces older types of approvals that no longer apply. With RISE CR 072, the material becomes P-labeled. A P-labeled construction product gives the property owner confidence in their choice of product. With the P-labeling, RISE approves that the product complies with Boverket’s (Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning) building rules for the intended use described in the certificate.

Also certified in Finland through Eurofins

The Sacpipe Connection System has also passed the certification in Finland. The Finnish certification is carried out by Eurofins (formerly VTT). Their certification is equivalent to the RISE CR 072. Similar requirements are set but the durability is tested for at least 30 years instead of at least 50 years.

An established system for relining with liner

The Sacpipe Connection System is an established relining system. Almost 1000 km of liner and 46000 branch pipes have been installed. About 300 people have completed Sacpro’s training for installing the Sacpipe Connection System. There are authorized installers at about 20 locations in Sweden. To become an authorized installer of the Sacpipe Connection System, the installer must, among other things, complete the training, install according to the installation manual, follow AB04 and ABT 06, document the installations and pass a review of several installations. All for you as a customer to feel secure about the final product, a new sewer system that has a RISE, Eurofins and DIBt certification.

Written 30 oktober 2019