Basic education and training

Sacpro School - step by step

An step by step guide in Swedish with english subtitles. We recommend you to go through the videos before the training at Sacpro.
Installing Liner

Installing Branch Pipes
Installing with Sactools Hose Inversion.
How to glue the tear-back system for liner, also called plug glueing. This is used when you can not access the far end of the liner.
Installation of the Sacparts Relining Connection that ensures the transition from a traditional pipe to a restored pipe.
Installation of the Sacparts New Pipe.

We give you an introduction of Sacpipe connection system and its components.  We cover the basics of installing with flexible liner and installation of Sacpipe branch pipes. The difficulty of the education is tailored based on the client’s own abilities and personal preferences *. The total time education  is 3 days.

Date of upcoming programs:


  • Feb 21-23
  • March 28-30
  • May 30-31 – Jun 1
  • Jun 27-29
  • Aug 29-31
  • Sep 26-28
  • Oct 24-26
  • Nov 28-30

Minimum number of participants are 4, max 8, the course is cancelled if there are to few participants.

For questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Welcome!

* With reservation for time-consuming exercises.