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Tomas Sjögren New Sales Manager at Sacpro

Tomas Sjögren

The 1st of October, Tomas Sjögren started as Sacpro’s new Sales Manager. Tomas has long experience from the Relinings industry. Already in 1996, Tomas started on Proline and has since then more or less worked with relining.

During his 21 years in the industry, Tomas has, among other things, been employed as an installer, salesman, project manager and has also served on the board of BRiF, the Association for Relining in Real Estate. He has previously been a customer to Sacpro and has now moved from being a contractor to be a supplier instead.

“It feels good to be on this side of the business and it’s exciting to try something new while I can take advantage of the experience I’ve accumulated over the years,” says Tomas.

Tomas, you are very welcome to Sacpro!

Tomas Sjögren
Sales Manager, Sacpro AB
Phone: +46 23 702 25 35


We are looking for a mechanic

Only available in Swedish!

Vi söker en Montör!


Van rebuilt for relining

Last week, Misab came to visit us and pick up their rebuilt van. They turned home with a mobile workstation equipped to prepare liner installations in the best possible way.


Misab-ex  Misab_bank  Misab-skapMisab-tak  Misab-1a-hjalpen  Misab-extern-kompressor


Closed for conference August 29th

Tuesday 29th of August, Sacpro is closed all day for conference. This means that ordered items will be sent the day after instead (Wednesday 30th of August).

Place your orders by e-mail or through our webshop:



Changed opening hours during the summer

Sacpro is open all summer but will have changed opening hours.

From week 28 to week 31, Sacpro will be open between 8:00 and 15:00.

Have a really nice summer!


Visit by a mobile library


Last week we got a visit from a mobile library. It didn’t borrow any books, but got an assignment, from producer of the mobile library, to connect an electricity converter. It was not an everyday job but still fun to do.


Sacpro builds a mobile workstation

Sacpro builds fully equipped mobile workstations optimized for the preparation of feed installations.

The Sactools mobile workstation is a complete workshop for relining. A safe, pleasant and effective work environment that can be placed next to your installation site. The standard workstation comes well equipped with heat, benches, easy sliding drawers, ventilation cabinets, manual impregnation unit, service compressor, vacuum etc. They are custom built and many accessories can be added as per your requirement. For example electric impregnation unit, air condition, diesel or petrol air compressor, stereo etc

In December, we built a customized trailer for one of our clients:

Our mobile workstations are tailored to our customers’ specific needs, all to make their work easier.

Interested in a mobile workstation? Please contact us to find out more.

Contact Sacpro for more details:
+46 (0)23 79 06 50 / /


New website for Sacpipe

Last month we released our new website for Sacpipe Connection System,

The purpose of our new website is to provide information about Sacpipe Connection System and our authorized installers. We want to give you our view of the relining in buildings and the opportunities that property owners have in the choice of systems and installers for the renovation.
We have some projects references that has been carried out by our authorized installers. Additional references will be added later. We will also present news about Sacpipe Connection System and our authorized installers.

Summer activity

Last week most of us at Sacpro joined this year´s summer activity. This time we prepared our own 4-course dinner with guidance of Petter and Micke at The Kokkonsten Matstudio in Falun.

We surprised ourselves by creating a fabulous dinner. We can warmly recommend this activity for those who are able visit them here in Falun. Read more on (only in Swedish).

Below are some pictures from our evening together.

meny matlagning1 matlagning3 matlagning4 matlagning2 till-bords forratt2 efterratt


Sacpro closed June 24

Sacpro is closed on Friday, June 24th, as we celebrate midsummer in Sweden.

Here you get a perhaps not entirely accurate picture of how and why we celebrate midsummer in Sweden:

Have a nice weekend!


New Vacuum Pump


Sacpro has a new vacuum pump in our range. It is compact, robust, reliable and very powerful. It has a handle so that makes it is easy to bring the vacuum pump along. It weights only 6.9 kg and has dimensions of 275 x 170 x 192 mm (L x W x H).

Delivery starting in late May.

Contact Sacpro for more details:
+46 (0)23 702 25 37 / /


The Technical Days 2016

Last week Sacpro organized Technical Days 2016. It became a successful event with seminars, a small exhibition and a dinner together in the evening.

There were about 50 visitors, both customers and suppliers. The seminars were held by Peter from Flando, Johanna from, Hans from Brawoliner and Sacpro. We arranged a small exhibition with Ridgid, Hilti, Fini, Verksamhetsplatsen, Dancutter, and Brawoliner . When the seminars was finished, we ended the day with a nice dinner together at the restaurant O’Learys in Falun.

We want to thank all the visitors and suppliers for a successful day and evening. Welcome back 2017!

Some pictures from the day:



Sacpro is closed March 25

Friday, March 25 is Sacpro closed.

We wish you all a happy Easter!


Exhibitors at the Technical Days

At the Technical Days April 14 - 15 we organize an exhibition. Several exhibitors are now booked and will show their products.

The following companies will be exhibiting:

Hilti – power tools

Dancutter – robot cutters

Fini – compressors

Brawoliner – liner and epoxy

Ridgid – camera equipment

We are also waiting for response from other suppliers

Welcome to the Technical Days 2016:


We have a result in the mustache contest

At the last day of November it was time to settle the mustache contest here at Sacpro. It became a collection of mustaches in all forms.

You can see the competition development for each participant below.





As you see, one has to say Goran Sveen had great use of his handsome mustache he started with. The rest of us had long been hoping to take us up to his level but in vain … One can easily believe that it was Goran who won the competition. But the new employee Lucas stepped directly into the contest and took the victory.


Congratulations and welcome to Sacpro! We will also donate some money for the benefit of cancer research. We will return when the choice of organization is made. Have a nice day!

November 9 -  The mustache contest continues on Sacpro. This is how it looked on Monday, November 9:



As you can see a collection of ‘nice’ mustaches. Göran is still the leader, but the rest of us is working on it.

November 2 – Throughout November, part of the our staff will grow their mustaches and participate in Sacpro Mustache Competition.This is how we look today.

2-Nov-DK 2-Nov-FS 2-Nov-GS 2-Nov-KP

We are doing this to draw attention to the important fight against cancer. We hope that soon there will be a cure for prostate cancer, breast cancer and all other types of cancer.

We will grow our mustaches throughout November and then select Sacpros best mustache. Sure, Goran has a big head start but the others are aiming to catch up at the end of the month. Sacpro will also make a donation as a Christmas gift to an organizations that support research on cancer and people that battle with cancer.

May the best mustache win!

Links (Swedish):


We are rebuilding our office


On Monday the work started to create two new office rooms close to the packing space. The carpenters work quickly and accurately. Krister will move into one of the rooms and the person we right now are looking for as Production Manager will move into the other.

This will be really good when it’s finished.


Our Tools at a Trade Show in Australia


Last week our dealer Australian Pipelining Supplies participated as an exhibitorat No-Dig Down Under 2015. They demonstrated our tools for the relining inside buildnings – Sactools.

It was a successful exhibition and there was a great interest in Sactools Flextool BL; our branch pipe tool that goes through  bends and can also install branch pipes from the branch line.

Read more about Australian Pipelining Supplies:


We celebrate our jubilarer

Krister Persson turned 40 years old yesterday. On Friday, he brought a cake to celebrate his birthday. It was not just a normal cake, it was a piste caterpillar-cake. Just driving piste caterpillars is one of Kristers major interests.

Krister 40

Congratulations Krister!


Piste Caterpillar

Cake of high quality


Goran 60

We also recently celebrated Göran Montin. On 8 June, Goran Montin turned 60 years old. Congratulations again Göran!


Sacpro closed june 19

Sacpro is closed Friday June 19 because of the midsummer holidays. We are open as normal on Monday 22 June.

Have a nice weekend!


Time to go

Ro-Ka-Tech is closed. All that remains for us is to take down the stand and pack Everything. Tomorrow morning we will travel all the way back home to Falun. Thank you all!

bild 3

bild 5

bild 2

bild 4